Observer Training and Operating Procedures

Basic Observer Training

Local Observer Qualification Process – May 2015

The Local Observer qualification is developed through a series of continual assessments that build a portfolio of evidence for sign off by a Local Observer.

Local Observer (LO) Qualification Registration and Process

  • Each LO candidate will register with IMI by completing an application form with Group approval and submitting to IAM Support.
  • Support will send a notification to the IMI Local Group contact. This will be your existing group contact unless Support receive an email nominating another person e.g. Chief Observer/Training Manager.
  • There will be a 1 year time limit between registering and taking the initial assessment
    A LO assessor will then be responsible for the continual assessment process of the LO candidate with final sign off when they consider the candidate is competent within the LO framework.
  • There is no requirement for the same LO Assessor to be used throughout the assessment period.
  • A Local Observer Assessor can conduct assessments for external group’s assessments as required and arranged by mutual agreement.

    Local Observer (LO) Documentation and Process

  • An IMI LO Observer Progress Summary (LOPS) report form for LO assessors to complete with their candidate after each assessed run. This is based on the competency framework and is to be used to capture evidence of feedback, improvement and competency level met in each unit.
    After each assessed run the group will send the completed form to imi qualifications for attaching to the candidate’s record.. This is held as evidence of continual assessment for IMI.
  • Once the LO assessor considers the candidate is competent in all levels the sign off form will
    be submitted in the same way to IAM Support for attaching to the candidates record.
  • The sign off box must only be used on the final submission, following sign off by the LO Assessor.
  • On submission of all forms together with final group recommendation to IAM Support, an IAM Internal Verifier will review evidence and make a decision on recommendation.
  • If evidence of reaching required standard is met Internal Verifier will submit to IMI for
    qualification and certificate.
  • If the standard is not met the Internal Verifier will refer the submission back to the Group.
  • Internal Verifier will inform Regional Quality Manager (RQM) of referral.
  • Following referral re-submission of sign off and recommendation must take place within 6

The attached flow chart outlines the process.