Observer Training

What is the next step after passing your test ?

Become an IAM group observer

Your first question might be ‘what is an observer?

An ‘observer’ is a person who has already passed the Advanced Test and is prepared to help other people prepare for passing the test through what we call ‘observed runs’. The observer advises and assists a rider (known as an ‘associate’) in preparing for the IAM test by following behind and offering advice and support to the rider to improve their riding standard to the level you will need to reach to pass your test.

Your local IAM Group, HERAM, will welcome you if you want to become an observer and will provide guidance and assistance to ensure your current riding is still up to the IAM Advanced Test Standard. Once confirmed, they will then give you lots of support, encouragement, and guidance to help you become a ‘Local Observer’ with the Group.

All current/ active observers must be current members of the IAM and their local Group.

By becoming a ‘Local Observer’, you will learn a lot more, not just about helping other riders reach the standard you have achieved, but through a greater understanding of the principles and application of advanced riding techniques. This will also help you will improve your own standard of riding.

There is another reason to become an observer – the satisfaction of one of ‘your’ associates passing the IAM Advanced Test and the part you played in that process.

The Benefits

If you have passed your test, give some consideration to becoming an Observer and giving something back to the Associates who are coming in to the Group. Experience the satisfaction of hearing that your Associate has passed their test, as well as getting the benefits of expanding your own experience, skills and capabilities. Give it a go, you might like it.