Riding Protocol



  • Anyone wishing to join or leave along the route should make arrangements with the Ride Leader and Tail End Charlie. The correct leaving procedure should be adhered to, so not to disrupt/confuse the rest of the ride.
  •  The Ride Leader has the right to alter/cancel a route to suit road and weather conditions.
  •  The Drop-Off System will be employed on ALL rides, unless informed otherwise by the Ride Leader.
  •  At the meeting place please arrive with a full tank of fuel and an empty bladder.
  • Riders are responsible for their own safety/actions & must ride within the law and certainly within their individual comfort zone at all times.
  • Please check that the ‘Technical’ level of ride is within your personal comfort zone.
  • Motorcycles must be fully roadworthy, insured & hold a current MOT if required.
  • A minimum ‘POWDERY’ check should have been carried out by all riders.
  • Riders should be suitably attired for safety & prevailing weather conditions.
  • The Leader and Tail End Charlie are to wear high visibility vests.  Makes them more easily recognised within the group.
  • It is the Ride Leaders decision to allow overtaking within the group.
  • All riders within the Group ‘look out for one another’ by keeping the rider behind you in your mirrors.

* Please, if you are unsure of anything, ask. There is no such thing as a stupid question were safety is concerned.

** Ride ‘leaving procedure’ – please ride behind the ‘Tail End Charlie’ and exit when required. This then does not interfere with the rest of the ride members who could follow, not knowing that you are leaving!

*** Remember that if you are marking a junction etc. do not leave your post until you see the ‘Tail end Charlie’. It could be a while before the rest of the group catch up and if you leave, nobody will know which way to go!

****Staggered riding positioning should be adopted whenever safe to do so.

*****A minimum 2 second gap between bikes. (‘only a fool breaks the two second rule’).