The drop off system

This motorcycle group is actively encouraging all members who put a ride on to use this system. It does work.

The leader (usually the person who has put the ride on) stays the same throughout the ride. A rider will volunteer to be back marker (sometimes press ganged). That person will stay last rider throughout the ride. All other persons should make sure they recognise these people.

As the ride gets under way the leader will lead, all other riders will set off behind. The back marker will stay in the car park until every one has got going.

The rider behind the leader should mark the first junction or turn that the group comes to. This should be done with safety being first priority. The change of direction should be made as clear as possible. If the road is open and clear pull onto the intended new road providing you can see where you came from. As this is sometimes not possible you may have to stop before the intended change of direction and indicate the route with a hand signal. Everyone behind you should then pass you and enter the indicated route. You should be looking in your mirrors for the back marker. The back marker should acknowledge your presence and will try to make space for you to rejoin the ride.

Try to remember who was behind you when you stopped because the chances are that they will be marking the next junction. Once under way again if you find yourself having the urge to go that little bit quicker than the person in front of you, providing it’s safe, there is no reason not to overtake them and make your way up the pack again until you reach the leader. Then wait for the next junction and mark it. As the title implies all rides in the magazine are group rides and should finish with the same group you started with.