FOR FREE....Really?
Remember, here at HERAM we are Motorcyclists supporting Motorcyclists.  So, we all like the feel good factor of the new piece of kit, the new helmet, the new jacket, the new bike etc, etc...  The things we can see, and touch.
So £149 on something you can't see, you can't touch - we appreciate that is a big commitment and welcome you to come and try us out.
We actually believe that you will certainly feel the difference in your riding and you can bet that others will see it!
So how can you 'Try before you Buy?'
      - You may wish, and would be more than welcome to attend one of our monthly meetings.
         Ok, ok - we hear you - you want to ride your bike!!...and so do we, so...
      - Check out our events calendar for details of our twice monthly observed riding sessions - they are always on the Third 
         and Fourth Sunday of the month - with the meeting point always at Halfords, Beverley.  We do amend the start times
         during winter (Yes we do keep riding), so please check.
      - Feel free to give us a shout before hand to let us know, so we can look out for you.
We look forward to meeting you soon!!